Born and raised in Montréal, the “joie de vivre” of Marie Harel is evident in the work that she produces.  Her passion for life and living spill on to her canvases with a vibrant vitality.  Her favourite medium when painting is is oil and wax, acrylics, combined with mixed media. She explores the combination of these mediums to their fullest potential utilizing their ability to produce stunningly textured and colourful artworks.

Marie is a retired elementary school principal.  She holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from McGill University and a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Victoria.  She also holds a Diploma in Interior Design (with highest honours). When Marie worked as a principal she approached Gallery 223 of Nanaimo and organized annual art shows for all the elementary children in the Nanaimo/Ladysmith School District #68. Every year up to 200 student’s paintings were professionally matted and later framed for display at the juried show in the art gallery. This show gave students from all walks of life an opportunity to display their work in a real art gallery which for many children, they had never entered until this opportunity arose.

While attending McGill University, Marie also took courses in Photography, Art History and Graphic Design. Marie has been involved in art since she was a young child. Marie’s passion for art was rekindled after she attended a Think Tank at the University of Oxford, England. She has always taken art classes and considers herself to be a lifelong learner.

Her art is currently being shown in the Lantzville Art Gallery  www.lantzvilleartgallery.ca

Her paintings and sculptures have been sold to private collectors and are appreciated by fellow artists and designers.

 As well as being a talented artist, Marie is a sculptor. She has sculpted under 5 Master Sculptors being trained for 6 years in Nanaimo, Victoria, Montréal and Italy. Her sculptures are made from a variety of different clays and then fired and finished. She has studied anatomy as part of her sculpting classes and specializes in the human torso although her sculptures are not restricted to one genre.

“I can’t imagine a joy more pure than the happiness I feel when I am painting and or sculpting.”

Marie Harel Art Sculptures





She is defined by her deep passion and love for all aspects of the fine arts.
She is a painter and a sculptor.
She has been influenced and engaged in artistic pursuits since a very young age. The Impressionists and the Abstract Expressionist Movement touched her deeply although she cannot help but to be inspired by all genres.